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Melnificent™ has had a passion for culinary arts since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, she began cooking at twelve alongside her mother Beverly. Melissa took her talents to Los Angeles, CA, where she worked in TV, film and commercials, before deciding to pursue culinary arts. She currently is the Owner & CEO of the pop up restaurant, Melnificent™, a mixture of traditional and gourmet style chicken wings in Los Angeles, CA.

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Services Provided

Private Chef

Private Chef

Curating restaurant quality elevated dinner parties or events. The menu is set to take your palate on a journey.

Melnificent™ Wingz

Melnificent™ Wingz

is a pop up experience that provides a mix of traditional and gourmet style chicken wings.

Meal Prep Service

Meal Prep Service

Chef Mel provides healthy and convenient restaurant quality meals delivered to your door step. Whether you want meal prep for muscle gain, healthy lifestyle, or meals to accommodate your busy schedule, she can make it happen! Vegan and plant based meals are available upon request.

Melnificent® Reviews

Hi! I've hired Chef Mel on multiple occasions. From private parties to film sets, she goes above and beyond to make sure her clients have wonderful meals as well as top-notch customer service. Regardless of the requests I've made, she always provides excellent service with a smile! Her food is made with love and you feel that! The flavors are amazing, especially with her golden wings!? Oh my GOD! The flavor! Chef Mel is the absolute truth! The absolute best caterer I've worked with. :) Will call her again and again! 

A'Noelle J.

I've ordered from Chef Mel for all sorts of occasions— football games, work lunch, family gatherings, even a bachelor party— and the food is always perfect. Her control of flavors are masterful- whether it be spicy chicken wings, sweet garlic noodles, or one-of-a-kind biscuits. I'm from upstate NY, so I know a lot about wings, and Chef Mel's are the BEST. I recommend the Buffalo, the lemon parm, and the Carolina gold, but you literally can't go wrong!

Steven W.

Chef Mel has been dubbed the Food Fairy in my home. Whether devouring her decadent wings on a random weekday, noshing on delectable finger foods at my directorial debut’s premiere, or treating my family to her Lemon Garlic Butter Snow Crab Claws on Christmas Eve, she always delivers. There’s nothing like opening the door to find Chef Mel’s radiant smile, handing over her exquisite offerings with love. She truly is MELnificent! 

Ria P.

I've had the honor of having Chef Mel's food for the past few years and she never disappoints. My favorite dishes are the salmon, mac & cheese, yams, and the jerk chicken wings. They are always incredible. My production crews absolutely rave about her and they continuously request her meals. I'm excited to continue to work with Chef Mel in the future. 

Nasir F.

I was excited to finally try the famous chef Mel’s cooking
after hearing so much about it. I didn’t know what to expect but was immediately integrated into a community that felt like a fun loving family, with decorative socks and crazy conversation. We were encouraged to get to know
as many people as possible before we’d be silenced by how good the food was, haha. I really enjoyed my time and wish there were more gatherings that felt so
genuine and filled my stomach with so much goodness!

Monique S.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had a really great time and met some cool people. The food was GREAT, so delicious with excellent seasoning! I took some joy home with me for sure. 

John H.

I went to Mel's Sunday not knowing what to expect, and half way dreading having to make weird conversation with a bunch of strangers. BUT it was everything but weird conversations. Everyone was super cool and interesting. There was definitely a family vibe to it even though a lot of us did not know each other. Mel brought together a diverse, entertaining, laid back and TALENTED crowd. I had so much fun singing and dancing with everyone. And let's not forget the food. I knew it was gonna be good and Mel did not disappoint. Everything was on point and delish!!!!! We definitely need this to be a regular thing. :) 

Vanessa G.

First of all, thank you sooooo much for having us out! I appreciated being able to bring Balivia to such a magical evening!My expectations were that it was going to be an exciting event filled with great people and amazing food!! Check Check and Check !!!

Steven R.